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The Benefits of Group Training

Have you ever been to the gym and felt 'lost' or out of place'?

I think everyone has experienced that feeling at some point. You get to the gym floor, see it's busy and desperately search for the pieces of equipment that are free, the whole time hoping that you look like you vaguely know what you're doing.

Conventional gym training has been widely accepted as the norm. But a 30 minute induction is rarely enough time to fill you with confidence going forward. This is why a lot of people choose to invest in a Personal Trainer. If you want to learn how to perform exercises, use equipment and structure your sessions, a PT is a wise choice. However, there is rapidly growing trend that now bridges the gap between a standard gym membership and tailored Personal Training and that is Group Training or 'Bootcamps'.

Group Training is usually lead by experienced Personal Trainers. The session is designed for you using years of experience and often includes a mixture of High Intensity Interval Training and Resistance Training. There is a reason Bootcamp clubs are now global... they're effective and addictive! I'm going to tell you why.

Aside from the physical benefits, here are some of the other benefits that come with training in a group:

Social Engagement

One of the best things about joining a group exercise facility is that you get to work out with like minded people. We have found that most of our members have joined alone. This can be daunting at first, but within just a couple of weeks you will find friendly faces that can soon develop into new friendships. This not only makes it enjoyable, but its also offers a safe place to retreat to at the end of a stressful day.

You will also find that exercising in a group can make you work harder than you would alone. Often you will be in pairs or three's. This provides healthy competition and encouragement and more importantly is FUN.


It is notoriously hard to self motivate for long periods of time. This is why January in gyms is always so busy. We all start with the best intentions but more often than not, we lose that all important 'get up and go'.

Group Training offers accountability in a subtle but effective way. The classes will start to become a big part of your lifestyle. Instead of going to the gym for an hour of solitary exercise, you will be going to see friends and work towards your goals.

The group dynamic offers support and encouragement, all under the watchful eye of your coach.

Mental Health

Exercise is a well known tool for improving our Mental Health and Well Being. Group Training is no exception.

The social interaction, paired with the post workout endorphins can work wonders on boosting a low mood. Not to mention when you nail that full Press up for the first time or reach a new PB.

Whether you need to show up and just laugh with friends, or relieve some unwanted stress with the battle ropes, we promise you'll always feel better afterwards.


Group training facilities are always so much more than a gym. We love to host social events and take part in challenges. We've also hosted several events and challenges for charity and we love to get the members involved.

When you join a gym like ours, you're joining a big family. We love to socialise outside of the gym at any chance we get. This can be a valuable addition to your social life and is a great way to meet new people.

I hope you've found this useful! Look out for our next Blog highlighting the Physical benefits of Group Training and Bootcamps soon!

If you have any questions about our Bootcamp club at The Norwich Fitness Academy, feel free to get in touch via


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