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We love our club and think you will too! But don't take our word for it, see what our members have to say!

Can't recommend this place enough. I've always loved the gym and exercise in general but lacked motivation when training alone. The Norwich Fitness Academy is amazing, everyone is friendly and helpful. Incredible atmosphere in every class and suitable for all abilities. The free trial is totally worth it. You won't regret joining this amazing club/ friendly group.   - Carine Baron

This place is amazing! It’s the only gym that has kept me motivated and interested in going regularly. The owners are friendly, super knowledgeable and make every session fun. I’ve been doing both PT and boot camps and would highly recommended them both! - Jen Langeskov

Kat and James are very encouraging and absolutely lovely! Will push you when they know you can do more but in an encouraging way! Sessions are varied and always challenging! Lots of fun equipment. I can see changes already and have only been going since March - Kirsty Gaffigan

Been a member for over a year and love the community spirit and varied exercises. I’ve lost weight but more importantly toned and strengthend by body so feel more confident.
Kat and James the trainers always demonstrate that days exercises so we all learn proper form and don’t get injured and they make sure we all warm up and cool down with stretch exercises.
So much more to this gym than boring cardio machines that’s why i still enjoy going after a year - Liz White

This place is everything you want and more! The trainers (Kat and James) really know what they're talking about. Nothing feels repetitive or boring. It's challenging and tough, but you're part of such an awesome community that time really flies - Zahra Khosroshahi

I am soo glad I have found this place! From day one everybody has been friendly and supportive, Kat and James are full of knowledge and they are always there to help you when you are in need (me all the time)

I feel so much better in myself and my mindset. No more dread and fear of being judged while working out! thank you for running a wonderful place - Marie Colderwood

Great place for a whole body workout regardless of your age or fitness level - when I have attended there have the age ranges have been between 19 and 60 with people of varying bodysizes. The classes are varied and run by a knowledgeable instructor. Everyone is welcome - Adrian Garvey

Being part of the Norwich Fitness Academy has been invaluable to me. The trainers create such a friendly atmosphere, I couldn’t recommend it enough - Bryony Wallis

I’ve been a member for over a year and am as excited to go to bootcamps now as I was a year ago! The incredibly varied sessions keep us on our toes. Kat and James are two of the most knowledgable and friendly trainers out there; always giving advice on how to improve your form to get the best out of each exercise. There are no egos here. Everyone is friendly and encourages each other and it’s truly like a bootcamp family. Plus, you REALLY see the results!! - Tilly Burrows

I've been training at the NFA since it opened its doors and it it hands down THE best gym I've ever been to. A fully equipped studio with friendly and professional owners, Kat and James always offer a warm welcome when anyone arrives. They have created an incredibly inclusive environment, offering support, motivation and encouragement to their diverse group of clients and members. - Sam Hicks

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