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6 Reasons to try Bootcamps!

The term 'Bootcamp' is often associated with Military style training which was originally designed to train soldiers to reach peak physical fitness. They are hugely popular within the fitness industry and now come in many different varieties and styles. The classes typically last for one hour and are designed and run by experienced Personal Trainers.

Put simply, Bootcamps aim to provide a whole body workout, with a focus on building strength, endurance, speed and agility. Sound too good to be true? Keep Reading!


Whether you are taking part in an outdoor Bootcamp using mostly bodyweight, or in a Gym environment making use of a range of equipment. The aim is the same. To incorporate different styles of training such as High Intensity Interval Training and Resistance training in order to deliver a hard hitting workout and a big calorie burner. A study by John Porcari found that during bootcamp workouts, people’s average heart rate hit 77% of maximum, which is within the range needed to improve physical fitness, according to the American College of Sports Medicine.

It is the mixture of these different training techniques that make Bootcamps classes so effective in increasing a persons physical fitness and overall strength.


Each session can vary in difficulty, intensity and focus. They are often fun and varied as opposed to a more conventional gym workout or standard exercise class. The style of the class is determined by the instructor, but will always carry the same identifiable techniques mentioned above. For example, at The Norwich Fitness Academy, you may be greeted with a High Intensity Bodyweight session on the Monday night, followed by a heavier, more resistance based session on the Tuesday. We use a range of equipment and styles to keep our sessions fun and challenging.


One of the biggest benefits of a Bootcamp club is that it is designed and run by experienced Personal Trainers. Some fitness classes can host over 20 members, with only one instructor standing at the front of the class. This can be dangerous for several reasons. Without the watchful eye of a qualified instructor, it is very easy for participants to perform exercises incorrectly and pick up injuries. Most Bootcamp clubs will have an instructor supervising the class more closely and correct techniques around the room when needed. This is very important and is often why you would expect to pay for for a Bootcamp class.


Bootcamp clubs are often run on a membership basis. This is beneficial for many reasons. If you join up as a member of a club, you are more likely to attend more classes. This will speed up your results and you will be more likely to stick at your new fitness regime. By attending classes regularly, members will also benefit from the social side of a Bootcamp club. Unlike conventional gyms that will see a high turn over of new faces, an exclusive membership club encourages familiarity and new friendships to form. This environment is inclusive, friendly and motivating and often this extends outside of the gym environment. Here at The Norwich Fitness Academy, we love to hold social events, challenges for charity and jump at any excuse for a night out. You may think that you are just joining a gym, but by doing so, you are joining a community of like minded people. This can be life changing!


All of the factors above feed in to one of the most important aspects of a Bootcamp club. Longevity.

Our aim is to make you fitter, faster and stronger. It is not to push you to dangerous extremes. This is why our Bootcamps can be tailored to suit your fitness levels. Often in a class you can control the difficulty level yourself. If you are feeling strong, you can opt for a heavier Kettle-Bell and up your intensity/pace. If you are a beginner, you can choose a lighter weight and go slow and steady. At the end of the day, we want our members to enjoy our Bootcamp club and all the benefits that come with is for years to come, not just for a couple of months.


This leads on to our last point. If you are reading this and wondering if you would be fit enough or strong enough to take part, then the answer is yes. When run efficiently, a Bootcamp should cater for all abilities. If you have any existing injuries or medical conditions, it would be beneficial to seek advice from a doctor before taking part. However, due to the more hands on nature of a Bootcamp, we are able to tailor exercises to work around and limitations you may already have.

Written by Katharine Bradshaw

The Norwich Fitness Academy


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