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With Kat Bradshaw

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Welcome to Mum-Fit Norwich, a unique gym class designed specifically for Mums who love training and keeping fit. 

My name is Kat Bradshaw and I have been a Personal Trainer for 10 years. In that time, I qualified as a Pre & Post Natal trainer and have been excited to launch Mum-Fit ever since.


I soon noticed a gap in the market for a safe and suitable environment for new Mums to be able to continue their training, without compromise. I wanted to create a class where Mums could recover and rebuild their strength and fitness, whilst meeting other mums and being the best role model to their little ones. All without the added stress of arranging, or paying for child care. 

This is how and why the idea of Mum-Fit came about. We started the classes in January, 2023, and within a couple of months, we grew from one class per week to three! 

The Mum's who took part in the initial 8 Week 'Recover & Rebuild' programme, all wanted to continue after that time was up. We now run the Progression programme, which follows on from the8 Week Recover & Rebuild programme. 

See below for the Courses and Membership options available. 

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